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Интернациональная выставка собак «ЕВРАЗИЯ-2014» 22 марта
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база акита ину

   Our website is devoted wonderful and extraordinary dogs of breed akita or the other names are Akita-Inu (Akita Inu), Japanese akita, the Japanese Husky, Akita-Ken (Akita Ken), Akita Matagi.

   In April, 2007 we have got the friend – the tiger representative of this breed – Izumi Gai Aikido.  This dog has got a real samurai character. For strangers it’s mistrustful and he will not to embrace get that it is can’t tell about theirs. Just with this dog we understood, who such akita-inu.

   Akita – is a partner dog . But this dog of this breed can be not simple your friend and live in apartment. Akita – is an excellent guard, he will not be simple so to waste "words" (as this breed does not bark on trifles but only when will scent threat to the relatives). Also Akita is the fine hunter. One of advantages of breed – a congenital instinct of the hunter. In hunting akita fast, attentive, dexterous, imperceptible, fearless. In ancient times in Japan with akita-inu went shooting on a bear. They are very hardy.

   Dogs of this fine breed are unpretentious, but on walk it is necessary to be on guard, as this breed very much predominant and does not favour other dogs if it is final this dog not from its flight.

   These dogs perfectly get on with all family and well get on with children. Children always will be under supervision.

   In July, 2008 we have arrived from Italy tiger akita-inu – Yumi-Go EtnakitaKen. She differs on character from a male dog of the loving. But sentry and hunting qualities are the same.

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питомник акита ину